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2 Events

About Carrington-Brown

Rebecca Carrington and Colin Brown, the music comedy duo and winners of multiple awards, have a lot to celebrate: They’ve been on stage together for ten years, they’ve both been living and working in Germany for ten years, and they’ve been happily married to one another for ten years. What better to do than to put on a new show, and celebrate this anniversary year by simply calling it “10”?

At its 235 years of age, Rebecca's cello Joe would probably smile wryly if only it could – yet in ten years together, they gathered many great and exciting but also ordinary and stories and expercienceof everyday life, which beg to be told in the uniquely witty and brilliant style of Carrington-Brown.

Together with Joe’s centuries of experience and supported by some younger guest instruments, “10” promises to be a real feast – with some new own compositions, some new quirky versions of well-known hits and with fabulous costumes. Bizarre in a typically British way and yet so familiar ... Cheers to Carrington-Brown’s “10”! Carrington-Brown tickets are available at Ticketmaster.